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Garlic Project

We will not be distributing seed or berry bushes during our extended break. If you're looking for garlic seed, contact the Garlic Garden, the Canadian Prairie Garlic Escape or visit your local, organic grocery store. Tips on growing garlic can be found below!

The WAM Garlic project was initiated in 2010 to promote local food production in Saskatoon. WAM supplies garlic seed to yard donors who work with volunteers to plant, maintain and harvest beautiful, delicious, high-quality garlic. Some of the harvest is kept by yard donors while the rest is donated back to the project where it is either used for seed, donated to community organizations or sold to local restaurants and grocery stores to help fund the project in future years.

Response has been overwhelming. To date, WAM has helped plant thousands of cloves in nearly 100 different plots!

Learn to plant and maintain garlic!

Download our garlic-growing fact sheet for all you need to know about growing garlic in Saskatoon. Thanks to Jackie Bantle from the University of Saskatchewan for her help in compiling this information.

Why garlic?

Local garlic is healthier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more ethical than typical store bought varieties which are usually sourced from China.

  1. Practical: garlic is hardy and grows well in the prairies. A relatively modest amount of space is needed to grow a substantial amount of garlic.
  2. Healthy: grown naturally and available fresh, local garlic is chemical-free and more potent than far-flung varieties; it is also packed with antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal compounds. Rosebushes, great companion plants for garlic, support healthy local bee populations.
  3. Ethical: most of the garlic in our grocery stores is sourced from nearly 7000 km away where labour standards are poorly regulated. Alternatively, WAM encourages cooperative food production and offers surplus garlic to local groups who support food security for all members of our community.
  4. Delicious: local garlic is fresh, clean, and more potent; the difference in taste is enormous.